The Fool and the Phoenix. The creative evolution of the Quantum Tarot

Quantum Tarot 2.0. The Fool and the Phoenix.
Back in 2009, I experienced one of the greatest disappointments of my career. Kay Stopforth and I had worked so hard to create the Quantum Tarot and subsequently to secure a publishing deal for the deck. After several rejections, Kunati Books, a fast growing Canadian publishing house showed an interest and by the Autumn of 2008, Quantum Tarot had been published in a lavish, gilt edged edition with its accompanying book, handsomely housed in a deluxe presentation box. 

The deal was everything we'd hoped for and the deck was a resounding success with the online tarot community. Imagine our disappointment therefore, when just over a year later the financial crash sent our publisher into liquidation and put the Quantum Tarot effectively out of print.

Blessings in disguise

Our experience with Kunati was a bitter blow but I  soon learned the unexpected can always be just around the corner. When Lo Scarabeo, one of the giants in  tarot publishing learned of the first edition's demise, they immediately stepped in and offered us a new publishing deal. Quantum Tarot 2.0 was born and came to print by the autumn of 2010. From what first appeared to be a disaster, Kay and I found ourselves in an enviable position. Kunati did an amazing job with the first edition and we will always be grateful for the faith they showed in us. That said, being swept into the Lo Scarabeo stable took us squarely into the mainstream of the tarot market with increased visibility, better distribution and as a result, much wider availability for the deck. 

As an artist, I was also given the rare opportunity to revise and improve the artwork, incorporating many suggestions from users of the original deck. Five years on, Quantum Tarot 2.0 is still in print and remains one of Lo Scarabeo's most popular decks and although our 2009 experience was a bitter pill to swallow, I doubt the Quantum Tarot would have had such an extended life under different circumstances.

A symbol of re-birth 

One of the joys of the revision was the addition of two extra Major Arcana cards at the suggestion of our editor Riccardo Minetti. Kay decided that one of these should be 'The Phoenix'; a potent symbol of death and rebirth which mirrored the deck's history but also represented the Fool reborn as one cycle closes and another begins. The Phoenix has all the freshness, innocence and openness of the Fool but not his youth. It remembers its past lives and brings that remembrance to its new existence. 

I find myself drawn back to the Quantum Tarot Phoenix this week as my experience within the Sacred Tarot project mirrors 2009. Despite our extensive future plans, changing circumstances in work, ministry and family see Petronella reluctantly laying down this project and I am experiencing the sadness of losing a trusted collaborative partner. That said, just as before, unforeseen (and exciting) opportunities have already begun to appear and with Petronella's full encouragement I've decided to continue this exciting journey into the Sacred Tarot whilst recognising it may become a very different journey from the one I originally embarked on.

If you attended our June Workshop or were waiting for news of the next one, then keep your eyes on these pages. I'm currently working with two new collaborative partners on some exciting new presentations and my hope is that we can carry on the incredible healing journey through the cards that we embarked on earlier this year. If you're also wondering why the Sacred Tarot has been so quiet, both here and on Facebook over the Summer, it's because I've been taking time out to complete the illustrations for my newest Tarot deck. Once again, keep your eyes on these pages for some exciting news in the near future....


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