Lenormand Cartomancy. An alternative to Tarot.

Apart from my longstanding interest in tarot, I've also been working for sometime with the cartomancy system named after Marie Anne Lenormand, the celebrity fortune teller of the Napoleonic Era and personal sybil to the Emperor himself.

Kay Stopforth, my collaborative partner for the Quantum Tarot gifted me my first deck of Lenormand cards back in 2007. The card images and the system of cartomancy behind them intrigued me, being so utterly different from the Tarot. There were few resources available back then; indeed, I could only find one available text in English. As a result, I decided to learn all I could, develop my own deck and eventually write an easy, how to guide in order to make this truly remarkable alternative to Tarot more widely available.

Schiffer Books published the deck and book as Lenormand Cartomancy in 2013 and thankfully, my publication became one in a number of roughly contemporary publications that heralded a Lenormand revival in the English speaking territories.

The imagery on my cards follows the traditional symbols of the Petit Lenormand oracle deck, but the style of illustration is colourful, vibrant and utterly modern. Take a look at the deck in this, my latest Youtube video.

Fair Fortune.

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