A nameless fear. The uncomfortable aspects of the Moon card

A full moon rises between tall and ancient towers, casting its rays over a dark expanse of water. On the near shore, two dogs howl at the rising sphere whilst a crayfish emerges from the depth and swims towards it. When it reaches the shore it must crawl onto dry land, journey between the towers. with the Moon as its guide and reach the Mandorla gateway, for this healing portal is its journey's end.

Lunacy as a phenomenon is well named, for human beings have long understood that the Moon can affect human behaviour in a powerful way. The female cycle of menstruation and ovulation is strongly influenced by the gravitational effect of the Moon and its monthly cycle. Furthermore, the full moon has long been known to induce states of anxiety, madness and rising tension.

The Moon card shown here comes from my forthcoming Healing Light Tarot and its design differs little from the traditional patterns found in the Marseilles and Rider Waite traditions. The only addition of note  is the mandorla gateway between the towers.

Exploring the Unconscious

Think of this card as a depiction of the human unconscious where the Moon becomes a sphere of illumination. The darkened lake holds many unseen creatures, some great, some grotesque, some unspeakable and some that can only be encountered at your peril. For the most part, these dark and nameless beings remain hidden, swimming in deep waters while only making their presence known through surface ripples and currents.

The Moon itself is the symbol of anything that enters our lives and stirs up the lake. We've all experienced those moments when something happens to trigger a long buried fear or vulnerability. We may lash out in a way that seems inexplicable to those around us yet in reality we are acting from the deepest, darkest recesses of our unconscious.

Facing our fears

The Crayfish represents the very things we fear to face or struggle to integrate into our conscious existence. Drawn by the rising Moon, it leaves its hiding place like a moth attracted to a flame. As with our unconscious impulses when triggered, it has no choice but to react. It will feel the pull of the Moon and follow it blindly. The barking dogs are symbols of rising tension, both within ourselves and also within those around us as this emergence takes place. Facing our fears is never easy. Being close by when someone else's unconscious insecurities are triggered can often be worse. We can all relate to the backlash of unwittingly touching someone's 'soft spot' or venturing unintentionally into a 'touchy subject' whilst in conversation.

Despite the pain and sensitivity such times are a healing necessity. The monsters of the deep can only be acknowledged, faced and integrated into our conscious lives when they emerge and show themselves. The path of the crayfish is a healing path therefore. The Towers mark the way and on the horizon between them is the Mandorla gateway; the healing portal through which it must pass to complete its journey.

Hope for healing

As always, the Mandorla is a symbol of healing, wholeness and completion. Furthermore, it is the protective womb where fears and vulnerabilities can be unpacked in a constructive healing manner.  In everyday terms, it represents those safe spaces where we can begin to understand and face our irrational impulses. On one level, this could be in therapy space, where the therapist is providing protective boundaries for the unpacking of vulnerability. On another level, it could simply be the support and love of friends that makes it safe to be open.

Whatever the case, listen to your heart, dare to be vulnerable and let your fears begin their journey to find their rightful place in your lives.

Fair fortune dear hearts as we leave behind 2016. I wish you joy, prosperity and freedom in 2017.


The Healing Light Tarot will be published by Lo Scarabeo on the 25th May 2017. It will be available for pre-order on Amazon.

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