Welcome to the healing space!

I'm Chris Butler; award winning artist and tarot author  and I'd like to welcome you to this my new home on the web. 

I'll be  sharing some reflections on the cards and my experiences of working with the tarot over a period of many years. Working with the cards has changed my life and I hope to share something of that transformative power through these blog posts, my tarot publications and through tarot projects with my collaborative partners.


The Mandorla has become an important symbol to me because it represents a sacred space of transformative healing . The almond shaped Mandorla is already present in the traditional tarot for we see it in the form of the oval shaped laurel wreath in the World Card. In the card, this wreath surrounds the World Dancer, creating a triumphant space of wholeness and completion where she can play out her dance of life.

Each card in the Tarot is a Mandorla and each card archetype has its own very special transformative properties. The tarot images have the capacity to heal us through gifts of clarity and enlightenment. When used correctly the cards become healing mirrors, reflecting back our circumstances so that we might understand ourselves better and grow more whole from that understanding.

The cards as portals

On a deeper level, the cards become more than mirrors. Just like the Mandorla, the cards can become portals through which we journey into greater, more powerful realities. We don't just see ourselves when we look into the Mandorla. If we're watching and listening with the right heart, we also see the Divine.

I'm thrilled to have you with me on this blog and I hope you'll stay with me over the coming weeks, months and years. This is an exciting journey and one to be shared. I look forward to us journeying together!


Card images: Top: Paul Marteau Tarot de Marseille, Published by Dussere.
Above: Quantum Tarot by Kay Stopforth, Illustrated by Chris Butler. Published by Lo Scarabeo.

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