Guest Blog: Petronella Phillips Devaney on Heart Warriors

The mandorla is a symbol of inner healing that many have been inspired by in their search for wholeness.  Sometimes this seems like a strange quest, quite contrary to the materialistic aims of the world at large.  It can be hard, feeling as though you’re swimming against the mainstream, and progress can be slow.  But the very fact that we are trying to heal our hearts in a world where so many have had to bury their hurt is already extraordinary.  The 18th century scientist, philosopher and spiritual visionary, Emmanuel Swedenborg, wrote about those – and he included himself as one - who embark on this journey as ‘heart warriors’.  The heart warrior’s way can certainly seem difficult and unclear, and we should give ourselves a break when we don’t quite get it perfectly right.  It’s a long path back to the open heart, one opening at a time.

Petronella x

Card image from The Key to the Kingdom Transformation Playing Card Deck by Tony Meeuwissen. Published by Running Press.


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